When Humans Act Like Viruses

February 13

Disclaimer: This article was provided to us by LinkedIn user Kenjie S. 

When Humans Act Like Viruses

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When Human Beings Act Like Viruses

When Humans Act Like Viruses

I am not Chinese. I am from the Philippines. But I like Chinese movies, Chinese food, and Chinese beer. Most importantly, I like the fact that the Mainland Chinese I have met are respectful and kind. 

I am not saying that I like everything Chinese. Just like how you probably like one thing from the Philippines, but you don’t like every single thing it has to offer. Obviously, just like any other country, the Philippines isn’t perfect. It has its own good and bad side too, things far worse than its erupting volcano. But hey, whether you like just some or all about the Philippines, no big deal.

Now with the current complex challenge, China is facing, the best humanly and Godly work we can do is to wish our Chinese brothers and sisters every safety and success against this viral outbreak.

Nobody wants it. You and me. Even them.

When Humans Act Like Viruses

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When Humans Act Like Viruses
When Humans Act Like Viruses

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God Save China

I like to think that everybody loves the Biblical story of the Good Samaritan, considering almost everyone in the Philippines (and in the world in general) appears to be devoted to his or her religion. But given what is happening, it’s shocking that people have been showing so much hate than love across social media. The amount of hate posts circulating around the web is virally inhumane. 

Jesus Christ! What is going on here?

What exactly some of you people have learned from going to church since birth? I have read heartless and mindless and nearly monstrous conversations and comments across the Internet as though you guys were Godless monsters! Please don’t embarrass your church ministers, your pastors, your priests! 

Do you think to say something bad against China would make your church leaders happy and proud? Do your church a holy favor, for goodness sake! By the way, I have not gone to church for about 10 years now which I am not proud of and happy about. But please tell me. What is the mark of a truly faithful Christian? Can you be one by simply going to church on Sundays?

Let me tell you something all ex-pats in China must say “Amen”. I can walk around the streets of Beijing or pretty much everywhere else across Mainland China in the middle of the night without fear of being robbed, raped and ripped to pieces. No such thing as acts of terrorism. No mass shootings. That is how insanely safe (churchless) China is!

When Humans Act Like Viruses


When Humans Act Like Viruses

1000s of Foreign TV Channels

People Go To School But Not All Are Educated

Have you ever read the facts? There have been viral outbreaks before. Didn’t you know that? OMG! Where have you been all these years? Google H1N1 Virus. Check out where the virus was first identified. H1N1 was first identified as a new human virus in the United States in 2009 and countless people around the world were infected. 

And you know what’s funny? I can’t recall one single American, infected or not, being made a laughingstock for being an American. 

It’s human nature to be scared. But you know what’s not right? Just because you are scared of getting infected you feel it’s your right to tell other people they suck. Would you be scared when a Chinese astronaut re-enters earth maskless?

Indeed you don’t need to go to Harvard to learn the basics of being compassionate and supportive. You don’t even need to show to the world what freedom of expression means by showing us how good you are at putting viruses together in a drawing. 

By the way, if you enjoy making one race look bad, you seriously need a mental check-up.

You’ve worked hard for it? Come on, what does it benefit the human race? Honestly, it’s the most horrible and inhumane expression of freedom by a human artist I have ever seen in my entire human existence. The world doesn’t deserve such a masterpiece of a virulent act! Period.

When Humans Act Like Viruses

Give Us News Please

When you watch the news today, the message is always the same: What are the statistics? How many have died? How many have recovered? What are the best preventive measures against this thing? This is of course commendable!

Meanwhile, news organizations are doing good business out of what’s happening. On the other hand, be extra careful about what you’re putting in your head. Watching and reading news without thinking could get you angry about nothing.

After all, China is doing everything about this pandemic. And they are doing an amazing job! Sooner everything will be okay. Do you know why I’m positive? Because there is no other way but going up and winning. 

My name is Kenjie Suarez. I am a nobody, not a VIP, and just like you am not perfect either. 

But I would like to say I am fighting alongside the Chinese in this battle. It’s not easy being a Chinese these days. Being one means fighting serious battles on all fronts: against this virus of unknown origin and versus some negative forces with malfunctioning brains.

One More Thing

On January 15, 2019, I took leave from work as an ESL teacher in China. Between January 15 and 19, I and my Chinese wife were traveling and enjoying the iconic sights around Beijing—maskless. I went back to the Philippines on January 20th and couldn’t be any happier being back and again having set my foot in my home country.

When Humans Act Like Viruses

To my surprise, some of the people I know felt smart, avoided me like plague, made fun of me and acted like they are joining the winning side of history.

We take pride of achieving the latest scientific breakthroughs on this planet, but we are unable to cure the fact that this world is producing the sort of sick people sicker than viruses who are driven by fear of being sick that in a heartbeat can do more talking without thinking when other people fall ill and dying.

We’re all going to die. Don’t you know that? All of us. Perhaps not today. Not tomorrow. Not because of this virus. But we, one day, are all going to die. And this fact alone should make us love and care more about each other.

China Jiayo!

You KEN Do it!

 Author: Kenjie S. via LinkedIn

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When Humans Act Like Viruses

When Humans Act Like Viruses
When Humans Act Like Viruses

When Humans Act Like Viruses

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When Humans Act Like Viruses

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When Humans Act Like Viruses

When Humans Act Like Viruses


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