Get A Chinese Driver’s License Immediately at These Airports!

Last month, China’s Ministry of Public Security held a news conference to introduce six new policies that come into effect from Sept 20.

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The most exciting changes for our overseas friends are undoubtedly the new measures involving driving permit and plates.



A traveller who applies for provisional driving permits (临时机动车驾驶许可) for a car or motorcycle will no longer need to submit a health examination report.

Required Documents:

1. Passport
2. Driver’s license from traveller’s home country
3. Previous two documents’ Chinese translations
4. 1-inch ID photo with white background


The validity term of the license will be for a minimum of three months and can be extended to a year if the holder will stay for more than three months.

The driving permits can be used for multiple-entry during the validity periods so that people don’t have to re-apply.


Chinese police also simplify the procedure for international travellers to obtain temporary plates for their vehicles.

Foreign cars meeting the following conditions can be exempt from technical checks in China:

1. Have less than 7 seats
2. Be registered within the past 6 years

Vehicles meeting the following conditions will be granted a 1-year-valid digital plate:

1. From HK and Macao that enter the mainland via the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge
2. From Macao to Hengqin of Guangdong province
3. From Taiwan to Pingtan of Fujian province


Registry services are allowed to be provided at airports, harbours and free trade zones where demands are the highest.

It will benefit inbound vehicles to get one-stop services.

It is reported that places such as Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, Haikou Meilan International Airport, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, and Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone have already set up processing windows of temporary driving permits for people from abroad.


The purpose of the new policies is to promote economic and social development and to serve the needs of both individuals and companies.

These measures allow foreign tourists to travel in China by cars and help to attract people to travel, study, work and start a business in China.

Antoine Chalendard, a visitor from France who had just arrived at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport on Sept 20, was granted the very first provisional driving permit for foreigners.

He successfully picked up a pre-booked car and started his self-driving tour in China with the permit.


We have posted several articles about Chinese driving license application, Click the links to know more about China’s driving license.

Here’s the detailed guide about the application for provisional driving permits (car & motorcycle).

Required Materials –

As we mentioned above, required documents are reduced under the new policies, all materials you need are:

1. Your Passport and Visa
2. Your original Driver’s License
3. Chinese Translations of two documents
4. One-inch ID photos with a white background

Since there are different rules in different cities, you’d better prepare at least three copies for each document.

Procedure –

1. Visit the DMV or other service stations
2. Present all the materials
3. Get your provisional driving permits within about 30 minutes


Not all Chinese cities and regions allow motorcycles so that motorcycle licenses are not permitted in these places.

If you want to drive a motorcycle in China, please check the local rules first.

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