China is seen as the best choice for higher education by people in the West, despite large budgets and economies of foreign students. Students in mainland China feel that they are second-class citizens in their own country, because of the patronage they feel towards their foreign counterparts when it comes to facilities and privileges.

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Some colleges and universities offer very attractive rewards for international students in order to attract more students from abroad, which is why some Chinese students feel that they are “being treated unequally”

The country has set a goal of becoming the world’s largest destination for foreigners by attracting half a million international students by 2020. According to data exchanged by the Chinese Ministry of Education, some 492,000 foreign students from 196 countries and regions were enrolled in 2018 to study in China, where 12.8 Percent of them on a government grant.

Alex Shaw, one of the original students of the capital Normal University, complained about the pool. The university has always told him that the swimming pool is under maintenance. He was shocked when he discovered from an online video that the university had a working pool, but it was reserved for international students.

“Mainland students can only enter if they are selected as a study partner for international students. This is not fair for us mainland students at all.”

Similarly, the free electricity that a foreign student can enjoy at the university is five times greater than what a Chinese university student would receive.

According to traditional Chinese culture, it is preferred to keep the comfort of their guests. The same traditions are followed in universities and colleges because foreign students are given more importance than Chinese students.

Academics told universities that while it is important that Chinese universities raise their standards to attract international students, they should not forget the needs of mainland students.

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