Today I got upset arguing with some Chinese friends in a group about how frustrating it is to be rejected by hotels for being foreign.

我下午跟我的中国朋友聊天,跟他们说外国人在中国订酒店特别麻烦;但是他们并不了解到底有多麻烦!.. 于是我带着愤怒的心情跑到了离我家最近的3个酒店

I decided to show them our frustration, by checking the hotels  nearest to my house on AMap, as if I was a tourist looking for a place to stay. 

#1 Hanting Hotel 汉庭酒店

2. Cheap hotel


3. More of a ‘Massage Parlor’ than hotel – still no luck.

钟点房有的, 外国人房没有

On my way I encountered a helpful Chinese who saw me looking at my phone. He helpfully pointed me to the 4 star Sheraton Hotel. 700元/night.


Thanks bro, but not all Laowai are made of gold!!!

谢谢兄弟, 不是每个老外都有钱!!


Foreigner vs. “Hotel Can’t Take Foreigners”

WeChat Hotel Deals: CHINESE ONLY   艺龙的特价不给老外


🎗️ for #ExpatRights, share it! 🎗️

🎗️ for #ExpatRights, share it! 🎗️

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