YES, Expat Employees Do Have Rights!!

⬆️ Subscribe! We are Stronger Together! MCGA! ⬆️ No matter what rumors or horror stories you may have heard in the past, you DO in fact now have the same employee rights and labor board protections as a manager of Huawei, ICBC, or Sinopec thanks to labor law amendments made over the past two years. Granted, prior […]

We Teach "Illegally" For You, China

⬆️ follow Expat Rights ⬆️ We’ve all heard stories about Chinese crackdowns on “illegal” foreign teachers. Every-time some foreign teacher screws up or an officials mistress smiles at a black guy there’s a new wave of heavily publicized raids, arrests, deportations, and new regulations. It’s just not right. And it’s definitely not right that schools, recruiters […]

EXPAT RIGHTS – new NGO for a better China

⬆️ FOLLOW EXPAT RIGHTS ⬆️ Welcome to our newly founded WeChat account and organization. We’re currently applying for NGO status in China and getting set-up. We would like China to treat “expats” with legal protections like Chinese get in our home countries. We want a national ID card. We want police raids on expat establishments to stop. […]

Chinese on Interracial Dating | MrGhanaBaby

🔽If you liked the videos, buy MrGhanaBaby a coffee!🔽 See more @ BEST NEWS SINCE GLOBALNEWS!!  CHECK THEM OUT: BONUS VIDEO: Ghost in the Shell is WHITEWASHED GARBAGE! Learn Chinese in Tianjin 🎓Easy Language will have you speaking 中文 in no time! ➕WeChat- GlobalNewsCN ➕ CHINA WANTS FISH, SO AFRICA GOES HUNGRY click read more NEW!! leave […]

Awful Racist Anti-African Article Goes Viral on WeChat

SOURCE: crossingthewall.COM  Before you read this article, you should note that the writer exhibits extreme factors of racial inferiority and white worshipping and does not represent the mindset of all Chinese people. This is the equivalent of Breitbart and Stormfront type posts in the West and the people commenting and writing this stuff do not […]

Chinese Cheer "ANNIHILATE BRITISH DOGS" | Hong Kong

Chinese netizens reacted furiously to the news that Guangzhou Evergrande face sanctions for an offensive banner displayed in the stands in a match in Hong Kong this week. The Chinese champions could face a fine and have to play matches behind closed doors after the Asian Football Confederation charged the team with discrimination and spectator misconduct. Fans […]

Why Western Guys Date Chinese Girls 💑

It was a warm night. I was sitting with a friend on the terrace of a bar in town, enjoying the balmy evening air, listening to soft jazz, and sipping beers. All was good. Until my friend raised her eyebrows in the direction of the table beside us. A portly western chap of advancing years […]

Foreign girls and their Chinese Mr. Right 🇨🇳💗

A newlywed couple have recently gone viral around China. Meet Emilie from France and Xie Donglin from Suzhou, China. Emilie came to China as an exchange student to study at Fudan University three years ago. She is fluent in Chinese as well as six other languages. In March of 2015, Emilie started an internship at […]

Being WHITE in China 📹📹 Ghanababy

What are advantages and disadvantages of being white in China? Check him out at: PROS AND CONS: Con:  People treat you as if you’re stupid.  Even if you speak to some people (usually cashiers and the like) in Chinese it is common for them to just assume that you don’t speak the language and […]

Shanghai Expats Get New 5 Year Work Permits 🎫

China to begin rolling out 5-year work permits for foreigners, cutting down on the hassle The good news just keeps rolling in for those hoping to live and work in China without too much hassle. China’s Ministry of Public Security announced a refreshing new pilot program last Thursday which will allow any foreigner who has been working […]

Expat Rights on WeChat


WeChat Hotel Deals: CHINESE ONLY 艺龙的特价不给老外

I was traveling to ZhuZhou to get my marriage visa,
I decided to try WeChat's Hotel Booking,


I booked it , arrived at and checked

I was on a late night shopping Taobao binge, attempting to buy some delicious cereal from T-mall,
I added them to my cart, went to checkout, clicked

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