Mall's ONE western toilet becomes janitors closet

tian_yang 1 point 1 day ago  More proof of the systematic discrimination against caucasian chinese.  #ExpatRights demands Expat friendly toilets!! ~ interbang 21 points 2 days ago  Over half of the “disabled” toilets in the classroom building of my uni are like this. chinamainlander[S] 19 points 2 days ago  I’ll still take this over the “western” toilet stalls that become the […]

American Embassy HUMILIATED My Chinese Wife

GlobalNewsAsia玩球资讯 My wife went to China’s American Consulate to apply for Visas for herself and my daughter. (I’m Canadian.) She traveled to Shanghai, woke up early in the morning, took the huge stack of documents we’d prepared and went to the Embassy interview.  Embassy staff took one look at my daughters Visa photo and her Chinese […]

Standing up for Expat Rights benefits everyone

Heated rhetoric against Americans and Africans in China has been on the rise in recent months, along with threats of mass deportations. Many advocates worry that anti-expat sentiment will lead to legislation and policies that will hurt expat communities, rip families apart, and strip away the dignity and rights of valuable members of Chinese society. […]

EXCLUSIVE Interview with a WeChat CENSOR!

Yesterday ExpatRights sat down for an EXCLUSIVE interview with one WeChat’s censorship team!!  We kept it short. Just 4 questions. 1. How does it make you feel deleting stuff off WeChat for a career?  🚫 DELETED 🚫 2. What’s your favorite thing to delete? 🚫 DELETED 🚫 3. Confucious said: “People with virtue must speak out.” Any thoughts? […]

Are your views on China ever misunderstood?

Talldarkn67  I’m a very blunt person. I appreciate “tough love” and criticism if I’m doing or saying something wrong. I’ve found that when I’m discussing China, people think I have something personal against all things China. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve lived in China for 8 years now. I have a Chinese […]

Why ANYONE Can Be Chinese !

A scholar who’s lived in China for more than two decades argues that Chinese identity should be cultural, not racial Daniel Bell, center, with a group of students earlier this month.PHOTO: WANG PEI Who is Chinese?  The answer may seem simple at first: a person who is born looking Chinese. But consider my own case. […]

Caucasian Men HYPER-SEXUALIZED by Chinese TV

Every time I turn on Chinese TV the only white men I see are either sex objects or learning Chinese in China. Stop fetishizing my whiteness and hypersexualizing my image! How does everyone feel about a support group for Caucasians around China? tan_guan This is so true. We are pigeonholed into a few main groups: […]

I had a chat with an expat "Uncle Tom"

My wife, who is not a PoNY (Person of Non-Yellowness) as I am, took me to meet with her cousin once. This cousin happened to also be married to a PoNY. Friends let me tell you something before I get into this story further. Like other PoNY’s in China, I find the dreaded LW (LaoWai) […]

How to say "Caucasian-Chinese" in Mandarin? 白中国人?

白色中国人? 白族中国人? What about African Chinese? Pakistani Chinese? prosebeforhoes Simplified and traditional mandarine are only two of the recognized Chinese alphabets, the 26 letter Chinese Latin alphabet used by the majority of Caucasian Chinese is just as important a tool to express our Chinese thoughts but has been marginalized for centuries by the Aboriginal Chinese […]

CHINESE RACISM: Expats Share their Stories

Arcminute I don’t recall any racism directed at me, though on multiple occasions people would calmly say very racist things about black people as a matter of fact. TheNatureBoy There was a black teacher at my job like 20 years ago. They told me no one would learn anything because the students were so interested […]

Expat Rights on WeChat


WeChat Hotel Deals: CHINESE ONLY 艺龙的特价不给老外

I was traveling to ZhuZhou to get my marriage visa,
I decided to try WeChat's Hotel Booking,


I booked it , arrived at and checked

I was on a late night shopping Taobao binge, attempting to buy some delicious cereal from T-mall,
I added them to my cart, went to checkout, clicked

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