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Working & Tax Law in China

As we may notice, there are more and more expats around us in China. Inevitably under certain conditions expats working in China will have to pay tax for their personal income. Here comes the question, what are the conditions? The article will give you a rough idea about it. Do you need to pay? An […]

Foreigners STILL BANNED from MOST HOTELS in China

source: #ExpatRights: THIS ARTICLE IS FROM 2012. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Imagine this: You travel to a new city, scour the streets looking for a good, cheap place to sleep, and when you finally find one you’re told you can’t stay just because you’re a foreigner. Now play this story out over and over again for 90% […]

WATCH nearby HOTELS REJECT ME ↔ 酒店不爱老外

Today I got upset arguing with some Chinese friends in a group about how frustrating it is to be rejected by hotels for being foreign. 我下午跟我的中国朋友聊天,跟他们说外国人在中国订酒店特别麻烦;但是他们并不了解到底有多麻烦!.. 于是我带着愤怒的心情跑到了离我家最近的3个酒店 I decided to show them our frustration, by checking the hotels  nearest to my house on AMap, as if I was a tourist looking for a place to stay.  #1 […]

WeChat Translate calls my kid a HALF-BREED

WeChat promoters on LinkedIn consistently ignore me asking why WeChat Hotel Deals: CHINESE ONLY   艺龙的特价不给老外 is a thing. Will they also ignore me if I ask why ‘Half-Breed children’ is a thing? a typical TEFL Recruiter HORROR STORY Chinese Teachers: Use Your Chinese Names! “Release Letters” are BULLSHIT 🎗️ support #ExpatRights, share ! 🎗️ 始发于微信公众号: ExpatRights


我不是老外 别叫我老外 中国是我家 真真的家 我家庭全是中国人 我不是在中国长大了 我是在中国长老了 我会用筷子 我会吃辣 我抽的是中南海 公司是中国的 同事也是 我下完班 老婆也叫我回家吃饭 不是汉堡 湖南菜 吃完我泡泡 跑完我睡觉 只能在床上 见我的中国梦 没人叫我老外 没人跟我提醒加拿大 我终于在中国 只是人 艺龙的特价不给老外 淘宝不爱老外 始发于微信公众号: ExpatRights

Japan Cant Legally KIDNAP KIDS anymore

We had an important Supreme Court ruling come down earlier this month, where an international custody dispute between two Japanese divorcees living in different countries resulted in the custodial parent overseas being awarded custody of the child, as per the Hague Convention on International Child Abductions. (See Japan Times article excerpt below.)     […]

Japan to Hire 800,000 Indian IT Professionals

The demand for IT professionals in Japan is likely to swell to 800,000 professionals by 2030, said Shigeki Maeda, executive vice president, Japan External Trade Organisation. By Little India Desk | March 9, 2018 Japan will be hiring 200,000 information technology (IT) professionals from India to support its rapidly expanding IT infrastructure, Shigeki Maeda, executive vice president at […]

Is Japan really racist?

TOKYO Much ink has been spilled about the supposed homogeneity of Japan and the dangerous idea of racial purity that goes along with it. Some expats have made entire careers writing — or ranting — about the problems of discrimination in Japan.  So how racist is Japan, really? Here’s my take — admittedly only one […]

Expat Rights on WeChat


WeChat Hotel Deals: CHINESE ONLY 艺龙的特价不给老外

I was traveling to ZhuZhou to get my marriage visa,
I decided to try WeChat's Hotel Booking,


I booked it , arrived at and checked

I was on a late night shopping Taobao binge, attempting to buy some delicious cereal from T-mall,
I added them to my cart, went to checkout, clicked

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