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SCAM: 30% of foreign Teacher's Z visas ILLEGAL

BREAKING NEWS:  The China Public Security Bureau is now using China’s new “FALSE DOCUMENTS LAW” to arrest and deport fake teachers caught using fake TEFL certificates, counterfeit university diplomas, and phony police certificates that are being sold by some unscrupulous recruiters who are flooding China with unqualified teachers just so they can collect their placement […]

SCAM: Most Foreign teachers sign ILLEGAL contracts

Both China job recruiters and employers do not want you to know this. So if you don’t want to anger your boss, or want to keep a “harmonious relationship” with your job agent or recruiter intact, you should stop reading now and go play a video game or take a nap.   If however you […]

Hotels in China FORBID Foreigners

Unfortunately Tencent didn’t approve the video.  So we’re linking directly to it on LaoWhy86’s YouTube. 🔻Open your VPN and Scan the QR🔻 (or use this direct link) read more: 11 Foreigners ARRESTED for WEED in Guangzhou Chinese News USES Expat “Traffic Criminals” “Lawful Laowai” SHAMES Bad Chinese Drivers Expat Rights NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT!!! ✊ […]

In China, Who Is An Expat And Who Is An Immigrant?

People from all over the world continue to flood into China’s big cities like Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai to make a living. They often have much in common; leaving family and friends behind and being exposed to a new puzzling culture. But there’s one thing that separates them. Often, people from the U.S. andEuropeare […]

Chinese News USES Expat "Traffic Criminals"

Traffic-Violating Expats Used by Police to Teach Chinese “Awareness of the Law” Charles Liu |Jun 14, 2017 1:00 pm |14 comments| 4109 reads In China, many traffic regulations are broken by both expats and locals alike.And yet, even though Chinese media has shown a preference forfocusing onthe former, this is done in order toinfluencethe latter. […]

TheBeijinger CENSORS Expat Rights Topics

Don’t get us wrong – we’re actually big fans of TheBeijinger and the work that they do. That’s why we were very surprised to see that they had decided to CENSOR Expat Rights discussions. First we posted two threads on TheBeijinger discussing our recent articles: 1)CHINA: Let Foreign Spouses Work! 2) We Teach “Illegally” For […]

CHINA: Let Foreign Spouses Work!

For those of us married to a Chinese person,there is a special ‘family’ visa called a Q visa.On the surface a Q visa looks great – you can stay over 180 days and the paperwork isn’t too difficult. There’s just one problem….WE CAN’T WORK LEGALLY!If we can’t work, how can we support a family? It […]

YES, Expat Employees Do Have Rights!!

⬆️ Subscribe! We are Stronger Together! MCGA! ⬆️ No matter what rumors or horror stories you may have heard in the past, you DO in fact now have the same employee rights and labor board protections as a manager of Huawei, ICBC, or Sinopec thanks to labor law amendments made over the past two years. Granted, prior […]

We Teach "Illegally" For You, China

⬆️ follow Expat Rights ⬆️ We’ve all heard stories about Chinese crackdowns on “illegal” foreign teachers. Every-time some foreign teacher screws up or an officials mistress smiles at a black guy there’s a new wave of heavily publicized raids, arrests, deportations, and new regulations. It’s just not right. And it’s definitely not right that schools, recruiters […]

Expat Rights on WeChat


WeChat Hotel Deals: CHINESE ONLY 艺龙的特价不给老外

I was traveling to ZhuZhou to get my marriage visa,
I decided to try WeChat's Hotel Booking,


I booked it , arrived at and checked

I was on a late night shopping Taobao binge, attempting to buy some delicious cereal from T-mall,
I added them to my cart, went to checkout, clicked

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