Returned international student Erin (of #EndAbuse) interviews Kyle from #.

1. First of all, a lot of people you are weird. How do you look at it? [:20]

2. What kind of mindset do you think is the best for a foreigner to have living in China? [:60]

3. Why did you start #ExpatRights in China? [1:25]

4. Why do you post so many ads in your articles? [2:30]

5. What are you usually embarassed about? [3:05]

6. What do you think that makes me different from other foreigners in China? [4:00]

7. What would be your message for foreigners / what would you like them to know? [5:15]

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TOP 10
1. China’s SPOUSE VISA 🤵👰 SUCKS!

2. Prostitution & in China

3. “ Women, Please Don’t Sleep With Foreigners”


5. We Teach Illegally For You, China

6. Do NOT Teach English in China!

7. No Employer Release Letter? 🚫 NO WORK VISA! 🚫

8. I am not American 🗽

9. 62% of 3* REJECT Foreigners

10. “Welcoming Me to China” 🛑 你不用再”欢迎我到中国”

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