Accor PR accidental “reply all” reveals the truth!

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hi this is kyle from expat rights and
something kind of crazy happened to me
when i was working on the 2021 vision
for us so my idea was that just
find one hotel chain one big hotel chain
that has
hotels across china work with them so
that every every one of their hotels
except foreigners
and so i was looking for these chinese
hotels that had international branches
so maybe they could
have some international pressure i was
thinking maybe uh seven days in or
something that’s cheap and also
everywhere and so i was researching
seven days in and it’s owned by this
huge mega brand called
huazhu hotels which is partially owned by
a french
hotel brand called akor there’s also a
huge mega brand so i reached out to a
core and i contacted their pr department
i was like hey
you’re french maybe you could
help us talk to huazhu hotels
about discrimination in china or letting
us stay there
and they wanted to ignore me their goal
was to ignore me but
the the pr person that i contacted
accidentally hit reply to all
and so he sent me this email in french
basically the text goes like
uh we’ve been contacted by this person
from china about discrimination
i examine their account and they get
about 2 000 hits a day they’re very
my suggestion is we ignore them so this
mega luxury hotel brand pr person accor
accidentally replied to me with a
message to ignore
my comments and my request for them to
help french people
foreign people with discrimination at
hotels in china you know i don’t really
want to put them on blast
what i want is to be able to stay at any
seven days in
i choose all across china so a core
your ceo is on the board of huazhu
huazhu hotels maybe he could put in a
good word for us eh

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