Something amazing is that the,
biggest critics of my language,
are other foreign people.

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On facebook I ran an ad for 5$,
and like 2 foreign people came along,
and were like “your Chinese isn’t good enough”.
And another funny comment, on Reddit
Is a guy who wrote
My wife was nearby and she couldn’t understand anything you said
Your Chinese is really bad.
Yea OK bro, you need your wife to tell you how bad my Chinese is
and you still leave a comment
yea Chinese people do criticize it sometimes or wahtever
and they’re right to I’m not that good
BUT the really biggest critics are foreign people.
All across WeChat group chats too.
I never hear these people speaking Chinese
I have no idea about their level
But they’re happy to shit all over me.
Uhh, I dunno, just something funny I thought i’d .
This is Kyle, from ExpatRights.


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