According to the newest regulations implemented by the local governments you can travel to most of the areas as long as you have a green health code and a trace code that shows you haven’t recently traveled to any of the high-risk epidemic areas. (parts of Beijing and Hubei are considered high-risk areas)

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1. Can foreigners use the code?

You can use this service as long as you have a China Unicom, China Mobile, or China Telecom subscription.

2. Where can I use the trace code?

The trace code helps the authorities check your location history for the past 14 days. You can use it in places like airports, industrial parks, neighborhoods, cinemas, restaurants, shopping malls, schools, etc.

3. What if I travel by train and pass through Hubei? Will it be registered?

Any stay for less than 4 hours will not be registered.

4. What if I have doubts about the status shown?

In case of any doubts, users can send feedback to [email protected] for modification and correction with relevant supporting materials, which will be examined by the support team.

Source: Marcu Andreea (杭州国际社区HZICC)

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