Unfortunate foreigners graduating Chinese University this year! ?

The foreigners who have left China for winter holidays (middle of January) or for any reason before March 27th , aren’t allowed to come back to China yet!

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And the uncertainty of “when” they will be allowed to return still remains the same! The unfortunate thing is that the graduating foreign student’s residence permits will expire at the end of July. And when they go back to their home countries for a small vacation nobody would take all of their important documents,all the cash in their bank books, or all of their stuff with them when they just go for a month to visit their parents or loved ones!

* So if the graduating students aren’t allowed to come back to China this semester what will happen if their residence permits expire?

* Will they even graduate this semester?

* Or Will they send their graduate certificates by post?

* So then who is going to do all the translation and authentication processes for the graduate certificates?

* Who is going to bring back their important stuff which they still have in China?

* How are they going to draw the money which is in Bank books? (Some universities make bank books for foreign students and they can only draw their money from books, not cards).

This is a real issue that should be discussed in the media! At least they should give the students a clear answer what’s going to happen rather than telling them to just wait and see! These students have valid residence permits only until July 30th or 31st! Media definitely should talk about this!

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