Yesterday afternoon, I rode my bike to visit my friend who lives in Dongxiaonan. I live in roughly 15 minutes away. I arrived, parked my bike in front of the guard table and proceeded to show them my QRcode (locations visited) and my passport (so they could see entry date)

Both guards took my temperature then asked if I could call my friend. It wasn’t a problem because some places in GZ want your host to come get you at the gate

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She came down and we decided to go to Walmart. When we returned , our temperatures got checked again by both guards including the one shown in the videos.

》Did you have a fever?
No I did not. My temperatures highest reading was 36.4.

As I’m walking to the gate, he gets up runs in front of my bike and physical bars me from entering. As he barring me from entering, I ask him slowly in what was the problem. He speaks english a little bit. He says wait a moment I need permission from management. My friend informs him that she’s already spoken to management and had those passes issued my residences which allow them to have visitors.

So I’m like okay great, I tried to walk in with my bike. He puts his hands out and is now physically blocking me from entering. After questioning him repeatedly, he says “ you not no go in”

So now my friend is upset, she tells him to move because he doesn’t have the right to block me when I’ve been cleared by s different guard and she has already done her approvals with management.

He tried to grab me and my bike so I told him not to touch because that’d be crossing the line further than he already has. He steps back and we proceed inside.

Maybe 30 minutes later, there is a knock at the door and when my friend opens. It’s the guard ( the thinner one in the middle with the red tie) from the gate with 2 other security members and 4 officers.

You can cite that im a female American citizen who has been here teaching for over 2 years

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