“Hi. So my boyfriend and I just tried to look at an apartment for rent in Shanghai. We were not allowed in.“

WATCH PART: https://youtu.be/8J1cwTbklQY

We called 12345 and 110. The police came. They said we were not allowed. I filmed a bit of it, it’s in so I don’t know what they are saying other than what the realtor was translating but it was clear we were not allowed because we are foreigners. What can we do to this or make the proper authorities know so action can be taken. The police told the realtor to bring us back some other time after almost an hour of back and forth with the community guards.

We were in the former French Concession area of in Shanghai.

I thought trying to move a more dense area would be better. It’s getting bad here. Another friend who is African American has a similar experience but didn’t film it. I’m so tired of this.”

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