When some first picture Africa, they tend to of a continent plagued with poverty and corruption, or a barren wasteland filled with starving citizens.

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Much of western media coverage surrounding Africa tend to focus on negative attributes or problems.

Despite the existence of modern life and developed cities with running water and electricity in Africa, stories that depict a continent in ruins are run in favor of those involving solutions or uplifting articles that depict African citizens in a positive light.

This is not always done in an effort to or draw attention to pressing problems, but rather to generate an emotional response that leads to generalizations or affect how the public views Africa.

Bad news sells well, and many feel that it brightens the mood of the general population, or someone with depression, to know that some have it worse than them.

In doing so, it is easy to forget that Africa is not a homogenous country indiscriminately experiencing poverty and corruption.

Rather, it is an entire continent filled with diverse countries; some of which are experiencing problems, and some of which are not.

Many countries, such as Nigeria, Botswana, Ghana, and Kenya have been prospering recently.

Africa’s poverty rates have been falling steadily for the past several years.

Despite this, United States Magazines, newspapers and other sources continue to focus on Africa’s poverty and only a handful of coverage on its
economic growth.

Africa has its poor and struggling who deserve help.

However, just like any other continent or country, Africa deserves fair and unbiased news coverage which focuses on people in need as well as countries and people that are prospering and successful.

Source: Sanika via www.developafrica.org

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