Urban management and enforcement officials in Town in Minhang District have made multilingual health notices and posted them at businesses with large numbers of customers to reduce gathering amid the coronavirus disease outbreak, authorities said on Friday.

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Official Accounts:

Nearly 30,000 foreigners from countries such as South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, the United States, Britain, and Australia live in the area, where Laowaijie, or Foreigner Street, is located.

Hongquan Road also contains a large number of South Korean restaurants.

With the Town night market gradually recovering, health information of workers at these businesses has been registered and business operators have been informed of public health measures by officials.

Restaurant and shop operators have been ordered to impose controls on customer traffic to prevent virus transmission, team officials said.

However, officials had found that diners were still gathering at some restaurants and sitting close to others, posing a potential health risk.

To eliminate risks, joint inspection teams comprising urban management, market supervision officials and police are established and patrols are conducted in key night market areas such as Hongquan Road, Hongmei Road, Ziteng Road and Road from 9pm to 2am.

The frequency of inspections at businesses with large crowds of diners is increased to maintain order and restaurants are reminded to take measures to prevent gathering and ensure a hygienic environment.

To raise prevention awareness among foreign diners, a health reminder covering personal hygiene and dining tips in English, Korean and Japanese have been released by officials and posted at restaurants with gatherings of diners, officials said.

Under these measures, there has been a significant decrease in gathering at restaurants, and expats have been taking precautions based on requirements, officials said.

Source: Hu Min via www.shine.cn

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