Depending on the country of your nationality, you will be issued either a five or a ten-year passport. You may be in a situation where you need to renew your passport early because of when your residence permit expires. If you time your passport renewal with the renewal of your prior residence permit, then this will save a lot of unnecessary work.

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According to the regulations of the Public Security Bureau Entry and Exit Division (PSB), you have 10 days after your new passport is picked up/received to transfer the residence permit. Some embassies or consulates will mail you the new passport, and in this case, you need to keep the package that proves when you received the passport.

Others where an in-person pick up is required the embassy will stamp a special paper when you pick it up. if there is a lot of time between the issue date of your new passport and the pickup date, you may be questioned. It is important to note that some cities, employers and agents claim that the ten days start when your new passport is issued, so you should check the details regarding your situation.

Failing to move your residence permit, will result in being required to show up at the PSB office to explain when you applied for the residence permit renewal and you would end up facing a warning or a fine. This might affect your future visa or “Green Card” applications.

In this article, we will detail the correct procedure to transfer the valid residence permit from the old passport to the new one.

1) After receiving your new passport, take your old passport, new passport, and current Temporary Certificate of Residence from the local police station to obtain an updated one.

2) Update the Work Permit

Whether you still hold the old work permit booklet, old foreign expert certificate, or already hold the new work permit shaped like an ID card, you need to have your work permit information updated before the residence permit can be updated. Work permits should be updated at the State Administration of Foreign Affairs (SAFEA).

We would suggest checking with your company’s HR or visa agent on the exact documents needed for the work permit update and possibly social security registration.

Here is a general checklist:

– Old and new passport (along with copies both main pages)

– Updated local police station registration

– Current work permit

3) Transfer the Residence Permit

Your application must be processed by the PSB.

The list of documents required are as follows:

– Old and new passport

– Copies:

The main page of the new passport

Valid residence permit on the old passport

– Original and copy of local police registration (with new passport number)

– The updated work permit

– Two 2-inch passport photos

4) Re-update the Police Registration

This step might be optional at some police stations but we list it here so you should check with your local police station if this is needed or not.

Once you have completed step 1 through 3 and the residence permit is now fully transferred to the new passport, you may go back to the police station with the following documents to have an updated police registration issued:

– New Passport with a transferred residence permit

– Current police registration form

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