According to the entry and exit administration branch of Nanning Public Security Bureau, from December 10, 2019, Province took the lead in implementing the system of foreign teachers’ information publicity on the wall to further standardize the management of foreign teachers.

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Official Accounts:

It requires that all kindergartens and educational training institutions that employ foreign teachers in Nanning shall publicize unified information of foreign teachers in an eye-catching position in the teaching place.

The publicity contents include the photos, names, nationalities, teaching subjects, and work permit number of foreign teachers, which are open to social supervision.

On the information bulletin board, Nanning police also announced the methods to identify and report “Illegal foreign teachers”, and the public and parents can screen foreign teachers’ information according to the prompts.

If parents need to further verify the legal identity of foreign teachers, they can also check whether the foreign teachers have the work permits. They can scan the QR code at the lower right corner of the front of the work permit to check whether the identity, the work information and the work unit are consistent with the actual situation.

The spokesperson of the exit-entry management department said, “According to Article 41 of the Exit and Entry Administration of the People’s Republic of China, foreigners who work in shall obtain work permits and work-type residence permits in accordance with relevant regulations. No entities or individuals shall employ foreigners who have no work permits or work-type residence permits. ”

The manager of a training school in Qingxiu District, Nanning said they would strictly implement the policy, “If we find that a foreign has any criminal record in China, or the relevant competent unit provides us with such information, we will immediately terminate the labour contract.”

It is worth noticing that earlier in August, the Provincial Department of Education issued the Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Foreign Teachers, where it is also required that the training institutions shall publicize foreign teachers’ photographs, work permits, educational background, teaching subjects, national or international certificates and other information on their own initiative in business premises. The education bureaus shall check whether the work units specified in the work permits are consistent with the actual teaching institutions from time to time.

Source: JobTubeDaily
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