We’ve seen Sophie helping expats with legal problems for some time now across many groups. We’ve seen Sophie publishing answers to dozens of common questions expats have with the legal system.

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Heck, We’ve even borrowed some of her articles!

We Interview http://www.ChinaLawHelp.com ‘s head Lawyer Sophie Mao

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and what motivates you?

2. What are the most common legal problems expats run into?

3. What is the most common TRICKY legal problem expats run into?

4. What’s your goal with ‘ChinaLawHelp.com’ ?

5. What services do you provide? Why should people contact you?

6. What reforms would you like to make or you see them working on that will make our lives easier in the future?

Also check her Official Account: LegalTips

➡️ http://j.mp/SUBSCRIBE-to-EXPATRIGHTS-now

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