Getting married in China is not so easy, see if you can follow this story.

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I am English and have lived and worked in Suzhou for nine years.

My girlfriend is Chinese and has also lived and worked in Suzhou for eight years.

My girlfriend’s Hukou is in her home town of Harbin, Heilongjiang.

I am divorced so I need to make an appointment to go to the British Consulate in Shanghai to get an affirmation of documents so that I can legally get married in China.

My girlfriend is widowed.

She married in Harbin, but she did not change her Hukou from single to married.

Her husband was a UK citizen who died in Suzhou and she didn’t go to Harbin to change her Hukou from married to widowed.

Today she will fly to Harbin to correct her Hukou.

Next week we will go to Shanghai for affirmation.

In December we will fly to Harbin to get married.

I will make sure that she changes her Hukou from widowed to married.

In the age of digital technology and transfer of data, it would be nice to get married in Suzhou where all our friends and colleagues live.
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