What happens when the police raid Happy Giraffe Kindergarten?

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Comparing Punishments: ILLEGAL Schools & Teachers

Do you know what happens when a school gets caught hiring a foreigner illegally? Or when an agent gets arrested for introducing illegal labor?

The agent: For the introduction of illegal employment of foreigners, an individual shall be fined 5000 yuan and the total amount shall not exceed 50000 yuan for each illegal introduction;

The school: In case of illegal employment of foreigners, a fine of 10000 yuan or no more than 100000 yuan shall be imposed on each person illegally employed; in case of any illegal income, the illegal income shall be confiscated

The foreigner: If a foreigner is employed illegally, he shall be fined not less than 5000 yuan but not more than 20000 yuan; if the circumstances are serious, he shall be detained for not less than 5 days but not more than 15 days

So, the only one who gets jail time is the foreigner, who also loses any of the salary owed who also has to then purchase their airplane ticket back home, and is then banned from for (usually) 5 years.

The agent & the school, well, if they’re paying minimum fines.. that 5000/10000 is less than the money they profited off the foreigners back. So they’re back in business right away.

(video correction: in the video I say the minimum/maximum foreigner fine is 10,000/100,000 – it’s 5000/20,000.)



Baidu Automatic Translation:

Foreign policy in the border of the people’s Republic of China (4) On the other hand, the act on the construction of the border between the people and the people in the border of the junior high school in the middle of the 20th century, in the middle of the expiration period of the expiration date, and in the period of the expiration of the expiration date, and (3) unequal settlement and non existence (4) .

In addition, it is the origin of the of the column of the foreigner. It is an entrance to a person who is a member of the family, who is not allowed to enter in the first half of the year. Article 80 (1) the provisions of the preceding Article shall not apply to the provisions of Article 80. The provisions of Article 80 shall be as follows: In addition, there are five thousand yuan, five thousand yuan, five thousand yuan, five thousand yuan, one hundred thousand yuan, one hundred thousand yuan, one hundred thousand yuan. Foreigners who are non-law volunteers, 10 thousand yuan for non-legal volunteers, and 10 yuan.

Article 81 (1) the action of foreign nationals in the case of foreign-affiliated persons, the other is the anti- law, the of the state of justice, and the absence of the border in the boundary of the foreign country. Foreign policy against the alien law, the crime, the crime, and the public safety part. It is the highest decision of the public opinion department. It is an inadvertent border with the foreigner in the expiration.

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