In China, You Need To Pass An Exam To Get Divorced!

A judge in China has ruled that divorcees-to-be must first take a “divorce examination”.

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The decision on whether they can proceed to court for a divorce will be made based on their answers.

From this month onwards, couples seeking divorce must sit the test and pass it before being granted divorce papers to take to court.

The questions include the following:

1. “How long have you been dating? When is your wedding anniversary? How do you split the household chores?”

2. “When you were dating, what words or actions did your partner say or do that moved you the most?”

3. “When you have differing views, which of you first breaks the deadlock and how is this done?”

4. “Of the duties that you took on in the family, which ones did you do well and which ones did you not do well? How do you plan to improve?”

A judge told us that the answers in the exam papers provide a preliminary snapshot of the couple’s marriage.

Those who do not have many conflicts, and whose relationships are not broken, will be asked to go for mediation.

However, those who have deep-rooted problems that are difficult to solve will be allowed to proceed for trials.

This saves the court time and resources, she said.

It is not the first time this has been implemented in China. News of a similar divorce examination set up by a court in Yibin city in China’s Sichuan province made international headlines.

The three-part examination asked a variety of questions, including dates of birthdays and anniversaries, what snacks the couple’s children liked to eat and whether they had taken family holidays together.

According to reports then, both husband and wife had to score less than 60% to be allowed to divorce.

At the end of this period, couples could either file for divorce as planned or request that their term of contemplation be extended.

Divorce rates have reportedly surged in China in recent years.

There are two different opinions among netizens about this exam:

Some of the online users said: “That’s crazy! Whether a couple of divorces or not should be based on their will. How could someone judge only by a test? The best thing to do is to take an exam before getting married or giving birth to a baby ”

Others commented: “It’s a great way to remind them of their best memory. Maybe after the exam, they will give up on the idea of divorce.”

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