Foreign Student to be Deported After Being Caught Shoplifting

On August 8th, Jiangning Police released a piece of news on their public account saying that a foreign student was deported for shoplifting.

WeChat Official Account: ExpatRights

Here is the translation of the news:

“Recently, the police station of Jiangning Development Zone Branch of Nanjing Public Security Bureau received a report saying that a man was caught stealing goods, which were worth more than 200 Yuan. The store that he stole from was a clothing store in a mall, within Jiangning District.

It was understood that on the day, a security guard on patrol saw a foreign man entering a fitting room with two pairs of underwear.

Finding it quite strange, as underwear shouldn’t be tried on, the security guard went up to the fitting room door immediately.

When at the door, the security guard heard the anti-theft device drop onto the floor, so he waited outside of the room.

Next, the foreign man came out of the dressing room without anything in his hands, and walked towards the exit. Due to this, the guard assumed that the foreign man stole the underwear, so he intervened and called the police.

After receiving the call, the police rushed to the scene and questioned the foreign man. The man took two pairs of underwear out of his backpack and confessed that he had tried to steal them. Then, the police took him back to the police station.

According to the results of the interrogation, the foreign man was a student in Nanjing. The reason for the theft was that he was unwilling to pay for the products. As for the pliers used in the theft (to remove the security device), he had bought them in advance.

As of now, the foreign man has been held in administrative detention by the Nanjing Jiangning Police as per the law. According to Article 62 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of Exit and Entry, the man would be deported and not allowed to enter the country within three years from the date of deportation.”

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