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Since the implementation of the newest work permit policy in 2017, the work permit renewal process has become stricter, and the processing time now takes longer than before. If your current work permit is about to expire, you need to start the renewal process as early as possible, as it may take up to 3 to 7 weeks to conclude all the steps. If you have a business trip planned during those weeks, it might slow down the application process even more.

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The work permit system requires applicants to submit a renewal application at least 30 days before the expiration date stated on the work permit. The application will be automatically blocked by the system if it is not submitted on time.
We advise you to begin the renewal process of your work permit or work visa 60 to 90 days before expiration date the earliest you can apply for the renewal process is 90 days before expiration date. The bureau will keep your original passport for 7 to 15 working days. In the following sections we will point out exactly when you will need to turn in your passport and how long it will be held.
The whole process is made up of two major steps:

1. Work permit renewal – 5 to 10 working days
You will need to show your original passport to the bureau at this point you only need to show it, it will not be kept

2. Work visa renewal – 7 to 15 working days
The processing time for Shanghai, Shenzhen, is of 7 working days, in it is of 12 working days, 15 working days, and in other areas it might take up to 10-12 working days

You can avoid this step if your current work visa valid for 2-5 years
The bureau will keep your original passport at this step, however, you can still travel domestically with the receipt from the immigration bureau inside China mainland but not Hongkong, Macao and

Below is the list of documents required for each step:

Work permit renewal:
1. Copy of passport, current work visa, last entry stamp page
If you entered China via the e-channel at the airport, the bureau might ask you to go back to the immigration area in order to get an entry stamp on your passport, so please avoid entering via e-channel if you are planning on renewing your work permit soon

2. Copy of your China Work Permit Card front and back

3. Applicant’s new labor contract
Must be in Chinese and include the following:
a Exact contract period
b Position
c Work
d Working time in China per year
A standardized template can be downloaded via VisaOfChina official Wechat: Info – Download&Samples – Labor Contract

4. Individual income tax report
Only required for applicants in Shanghai, and who are applying via the points system, for other areas it is otherwise mandatory.

Work visa resident permit renewal:

1. Application letter with employer’s company stamp
A standardized template can be downloaded via VisaOfChina official

2. Renewed work permit card and its QR code information
scan the QR code and print

3. Original passport with one 2-inch photo

4. Latest registration form of temporary residence issued by the local police station

5. If you wish to apply for a 2 to 5 years work visa you minght need to submit a commitment letter and a guarantee letter.

Additional Information:
You will be able to apply for a 3 to 5 years’ work visa IF:
– You live in Shanghai and currently have a class A work permit

You will be able to apply for a 2 years’ work visa IF:
– You have had a work visa for the past 3-5 years
You will be able to apply for a 5 years’ work visa IF:
– You have had a 2 years’ work visa for two consecutive periods
– You have a very good tax record

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