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Where we aren’t judged by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character.

1. What problems does Expat Rights address?

We often don’t understand the law. We’re often exploited & abused by our employers. As perpetual outsiders, we live in fear. Fear of constantly changing rules & regulations. Fear of crackdowns. Fear of anti-foreign sentiment.

2. How many people are affected?

Currently there are over 1 million expats in China. Everyday we have expats coming to us for legal help. Everyday we have expats coming to us reporting being screwed by their employer or their recruiter. Every expat needs this!

3. What’s your history?

ExpatRights was founded when I got sick & tired of being the perpetual outsiders in my new homeland of 13+ years. We’ve always been involved in immigrant rights organizations abroad, and we suddenly realized we needed an organization, for ourselves!

Much of the recent motivation & passion comes from my daughter, who despite being born to a Chinese mother, in China, is also treated as a perpetual outsider.

4. Success Stories

Our network of volunteers (lawyers & Expats) across China helps expats with their legal problems every single day. Our Chinese cultural outreach has thousands of views in the last month alone, with content like “我不是美国人 I am not American.”

My personal favorite success story is when a lady called us after the police raided her school, where she was doing a ‘teaching demo’ and caught on video. She was unable to speak Chinese so we helped calm her down, helped her talk to the police & eventually even helped her get off with just a warning.

5. Why ExpatRights?

We’re uniquely positioned at #ExpatRights because we’re run by an expat with a mixed family. Because we’re willing to talk about this stuff where nobody else was. Because unlike lawyers or ‘connected expats’, we’re not profiting from our ability to navigate a broken system.

6. Why raise money?

We need your help to continue providing free legal assistance to all China expats.

We need your help to build a complete China legal database, in English & translated into as many languages as possible.

We need your help to continue our Chinese outreach. To change hearts & minds. To educate about Expat life in China.

We need your help to support our staff. (Currently 1 part-time writer, 1 part-time social media person & myself).

Your gift goes towards a multicultural China.

Where we can walk down the street without hearing ‘laowai, laowai’.

Where we’re no longer a slave to our employers on a broken work visa, or unable to work on a broken spouse visa.

Where we no longer hear the excuse that China is not an immigrant nation.

Shanghai as multicultural as Toronto, NYC, London.

WeChat Official Accounts: ExpatRights

My Chinese Dream.

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