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1. Category of applicants
(1) Have made direct investment in China with stable operation and a good tax paying record for three successive years;

(2) Have been holding the post of deputy general manager, deputy factory director or above or of associate professor, associate research fellow and other associate senior titles of professional post or above or enjoying an equal treatment, for at least four successive years, with a minimum period of residence in China for three cumulative years within four years and with a good tax paying record;

(3) Have made a great and outstanding contribution to and being specially needed by China;

(4) Being the spouse of a Chinese citizen or of a foreigner with permanent residence status in China, in a marriage relationship for at least five years, with at least five successive years of residence in China and at least nine months of residence in China each year, and having stable source of subsistence and a dwelling place;

(5) Being an unmarried person under 18 years old turning to his parent; or

(6) Being a person who is or above 60 years old, who has no direct relative abroad and is to turn to any directive relative in China, and has stayed in China for at least five successive years with at least nine- month residence in China each year, and has stable source of subsistence and a dwelling place.

2. Documents required
To apply for the green card, the following documents are required to be submitted together with the application:

(1) Copy of his/her valid passport;

(2) Health certificate;

(3) Certificate of no criminal record in the country concerned;

(4) Four recent full-face color photos; and

(5) Other materials (elaborated as below).

3. Family reunion green card
Generally speaking, there are three kinds of family reunion green cards, that is spouse, minor children and dependent. Except for the above-mentioned documents listed in #2, the applicant should provide the following documents:

1) Spouse
His/her Chinese spouse’s registered permanent residence certificate or foreign spouse’s Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Card;
Marriage certificate;
Evidence of stable income and housing.
2) Minor children
His/her Chinese parent’s registered permanent residence certificate or foreign parent’s Foreigner’s Permanent Resident Card;
Birth certificate or parentage certificate.
3) Dependent
The Chinese citizen’s registered permanent residence certificate or the Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Card to whom he/she is to turn;
Certificate of kindred;
A certificate certifying that he/she has no direct relative abroad;
Evidence of stable income and housing for he/she or the person to whom he/she is to turn.
4. Cancellation of green card
However, the government may cancel the green card if the holder has stayed in China without approval for a period less than three cumulative months a year or less than a cumulative year in five years, or has threatened the national security and interests of China, or has been expelled from China by the people’s court, etc.

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