On a daily basis many foreigners migrate to this new land of opportunity for work, business, study and some, to simply settle. The question therefore must be asked, ‘How many of us actually take the time to learn China’s visa laws?’ It is quite common for foreigners to identify each other’s social class according to visa types.

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Meet the ‘Work Visa Foreigner’- He/she beats that nine to five, five to six times a week, gets paid at the end of each month, is given a set contract by his/her employer, is provided a work visa, residence permit and a work permit valid for one year. He or she is encouraged as tax contributors and movers of the economy. Foreigners falling into this category are further sub divided into class ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’ according to a point system based on their income, experience and qualifications, ‘Class A’ being the most encouraged, ‘Class B’ encouraged but monitored closely [ESL teachers are commonly in this class] and ‘Class C’ restricted.

Different rankings of social class can be seen within the ‘Work visa foreigner’. Foreigners in Class A are the high talents, according to authorities. Their visa processing can be completed within a few days. They enjoy various benefits complementary the visa authorities. The Class A foreigners are sparingly scattered, they walk among us concealing their identity. The Class B foreigner, on the other hand though not as highly classed as the Class A foreigner, are still encouraged as they provide an influx of income taxes. Work visa foreigners are ranked according to a score system, the higher the score the higher your ranking class.

Then there is the ‘Business Visa Foreigner’ – This type of foreigner is further divided into 2 categories, “The legal business visa foreigner” and “The illegal business visa foreigner”. ‘The legal business visa foreigner’ actually has a business in China or is actually invited to do business in China, he/she doesn’t mind the length of stay restriction placed on such a visa, he/she simply enters the country handles his/her business and exits. Then you have ‘The illegal business visa foreigner’, this foreigner does not have a business registered in his/her name, nor is he/she truly invited to do business or trade with the inviting company of such a visa, but rather gets the business visa if for some reason a work visa seems impossible. Foreigners on this visa often dread the additional cost incurred from entering and exiting the country due to the time restriction of 30 – 90 days.

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