is proud to announce that we’re offering FREE LEGAL to ALL EXPATS in China.

Contact us anytime for FREE LEGAL HELP.
WeChat: kele781194025

Our pledge for 2019 was to being so negative, start being positive, start making a change. Well.. we’ve been way too negative. So, we’re making a change.

Official Accounts:

We’re also organizing local chapters across China, expats helping expats with legal difficulties. Add us to join the groups.


We previously offered this service and people were taking complete advantage of our willingness to donate our time. Before you ask us questions, please GOOGLE(bing) the answer. We’re not a substitute for a search engine, we’re a small organization!

We’re also looking for volunteers to provide legal answers, to organize local chapters & to us grow.

Currently modeling our organization after various Kong migrant workers groups that we had the pleasure of visiting during our last visa run.

To a positive future, to a multicultural China!

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