Can someone explain the Chinese gawk for me? Whether in China or with Chinese people outside of China, it seems that the slightest new western thing wants a response of “wooooaaaaahh” followed by an open mouthed, wide eyed stare at whatever or (sometimes embarrassingly), whoever it is. Is it a legit thing or some kind of enforced wonder?

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Cuz you velly hanshurm


But a little fat

-bigbosslaowaiBest Korea

Ive since turned this into a game. Stare back, if they turn away first, then you win. I havent lost since .


Thinking out loud here. What surprises them is more or less by definition non-conformity in their eyes. And they see non-conformity so rarely that this is basically an honest response. They haven’t been conditioned to “don’t stare”.


Culture clash. Period.

Japanese and Koreans also react in similar ways. Expressing or showing off rather than hiding (and not pretending to hide) the slightest differences in oriental cultures means you want to be seen differently. Therefore they give you the look to be polite.

Keep calm and carry on

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