#ExpatRights was contacted today by a teacher who faces  a pretty common dilemma –

His school (ENGLISH FIRST!) refused to give him a release letter. 

This is after he found 2! replacement teachers, and gave 3-4 months notice, worked legally, etc etc. 

The school is doing it simply to fuck with him. And… because they can!! 

Release Letters are COMPLETE BULLSHIT

There is NO LAW that says Employers must give foreign  employees a release letter — even if everything else is 1000% legal!!

But there IS a law that says foreign Employees NEED a release letter. What kind of a screwed up system is that?!?! 

Release Letters are COMPLETE BULLSHIT

So even Expats who are doing everything right, dotted their t’s, crossed their i’s, fully legal visa, fully legal contract…  still are completely vulnerable to being screwed over anytime they want to change employment!!  

This is why we need #ExpatRights .

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Release Letters are COMPLETE BULLSHIT

p.s. yes i swore in this post. i’m mad. 

shouldn’t you be mad too?


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