SixthTone blames whites for China's anti-black racism

SixthTone blames whites for China's anti-black racism

SixthTone: “Of course, while some of us are expats, others are immigrants. If you are Western and white in China, then you are an expat. If not, then the terminology becomes more pejorative. There have been calls for an end to the use of the word “expat,” whose connotations perpetuate a distinction from migrants that is based on white privilege. But I would caution against shedding the term too hastily, as a small reminder of persistent inequality is perhaps useful. Sometimes, changing the language before we have fully figured out how to change our behavior simply masks the problem. Westerners in China might technically be immigrants, but there is no pretending that the doors open to us are comparable to those coming from, say, most African nations.”

You know why we are called ‘expats’ instead of immigrants? And Africans here are called ‘expats’ too? Because China provides no path to citizenship. No path to residency. No path to permanent ANYTHING. We literally CANNOT IMMIGRATE. No, Africans can’t immigrate either.

SixthTone: Any controversy having to do with the behavior of foreigners in China inevitably collides with a complex social hierarchy. Many Chinese netizens, for example, compared the onlookers’ tacit acceptance of the subway car diners with a perceived Shanghainese snobbery toward waidiren — those who live in the city without formal household registration, or who lack a full understanding of the local dialect and culture. One highly upvoted comment on the Weibo microblog account of the magazine China Business Journal read: “Noble people of Shanghai, why the silence? These outsiders — excuse me, ‘foreigners’ — behave like this on the subway, how come no one stood up and condemned it??? Do you weaklings only know how to bully your own people?”

Sounds like Chinese netizens have no problem standing up for Chinese citizens. So why is SixthTone writing an entire article about how nobody on the subway train said anything? Chinese people loathe public confrontation – guaranteed that they would ignore ‘waidiren’ spitting chicken bones on the floor too!!

BTW here at ExpatRights we’ve recieved complaints from foreign people (non-white) who have been confronted by Chinese for doing the exact same thing Chinese people are doing — sleeping on the floor of an airport.

SixthTone: Last week, a journalist from the official website of Yunnan province, in southwestern China, discovered a store on online shopping platform Taobao offering an iPhone recovery service that would get a foreigner to report your loss to the local police, with the logic being that the authorities expend greater effort to recover the property of an expat. While this appears to be an isolated case, the prevalence of such services offline suggests, sadly, that the logic is sound.

So you found a single shop on all of Taobao that claims to use white privilege. One Shop. Then you link to a Shanghaiist article from 2013 that cites 2 examples of police helping foreigners. Wow. Such privilege. Our personal experience with the police is they don’t give a shit about our stolen property, white or not!! 

SixthTone: Clearly, the same privileges do not extend to all foreigners in China. There are countless stories of prospective English teachers of color being rejected for jobs, or losing work as a result of complaints from parents. Whiteness in China is often misconstrued as a foolproof guarantee of perfect English, and good English is a coveted ticket to social mobility in a highly competitive education system. That said, the presence of a person of color will not earn parents the same prestige as having a white person teaching their child, regardless of that person’s English proficiency or teaching ability.

Sixthtone, you are pathetic. Stop putting a ‘modern’ spin on the propaganda to appeal to Western audiences. We all know that at your core you’re the same as any other heavily censored Chinese media source and pushing the same propaganda as China Daily or Global Times. This Xenophobic article proves it.

Yes, China has a racism problem. Why the fuck is that White people’s fault? Where is your article condeming China’s treatment of Africans? 

SixthTone blames whites for China's anti-black racism

(oh, are you too busy shitting on Africans for the ‘rise in anti-Chinese sentiment?)

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SixthTone blames whites for China's anti-black racism

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SixthTone blames whites for China's anti-black racism


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