Is it RACIST when Chinese say 'HELLO' ?

Is it RACIST when Chinese say 'HELLO' ?

After we asked white people to stop saying ‘Ni Hao’ to random Asians, we were inundated with comments from expats discussing how often Chinese say “hello”. 

Is it RACIST when Chinese say 'HELLO' ?

just like the many expats replying, I hear “HELLO” every day walking down the street. and tons of ‘whispered’ chinese discussion about the ‘LAOWAI’ or the ‘WAIGUO XIAOHAI’. 


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All white peoples get “haaalooooow” all day everyday in China, we are also all American ! So quite you’re complaining Chinese people, this is a taste of you’re own medicine. I bet while you’re in another country you still calm the locals “laowai” so who’s the ignorant racists here?!!!! Yep, the Chinese.


A. Salem

hw many chinese call us”hei(black)man” instead of hey man. or”hei-llo” rather than hello, hei ren, or speak chinese with foreigner accent. dont we ubderstand madarin? nonesense


Bryant The inventor

Hahahahahahahahah what goes around comes around…


ECD & Photographer

this article makes me speakless! not logical and really stupid bullshit.

Rachael Elder 谭瑞秋

Are you kidding me? I get the exact same treatment in china, constantly asked if I’m american, shouted at, stared at and taken pictures of in the street and a variety of other things. The difference is, I recognise that I chose to come to this country and have to deal with the bigots and racists that come with that choice. Grow up, it happens everywhere, and being entitled and demanding people be nice to you is naive.


Bush 布什

I got called a 老外 by Chinese tourists in London airport



Welcome to the world bitch 

ollie 飞猴

Pointless article, stay humble and speak to others in the same manner as you would like to be spoken to. And I’ve seen this a lot in the comments but it’s a tiny bit annoying when everyday a new person says “Hello” right in your face. Please stop we know atleast 60% of the Chinese population has an understanding of English


Lou 🇫🇷

This is not what I call a “news”. Any foreigner in another country will experience some of “uncomfortable” adventure. I have countless stories her in China with taxi drivers, police, neighbors… There are forms of racism everywhere…


This author is really a piece of shit. Calling for racism because people say hi in Chinese… What the hell. How come someone could be that fucktard. Please, go back to your field, at least no “white racist” will ever talk to you. I hope you’ll get a tongue and finger cancer soon.


At least they try to be polite saying nihao, and try to you refuse integration and refuse to speak local language, keep eating your crap fangbian mian shits, etc. What about the foreigners in China? EVERY SINGLE day pointed out, yelled at “laowaiiiiii” like if we are monkeys. You are welcome to go back your country, and go back working in a socks factory in dongguan. Oh, don’t forget to gfys.

This is just how I feel in China, with local people shouting “helloooo” to me at every corner, or speaking with a xinjiang accent in an attempt to mock my Chinese, or assuming we all eat beef steaks every day, or we celbrate Thanksgiving because all foreingers are the same… If you choose to live in another country you have to accept certain things. I cannot teach Chinese people that “white” people are actually just the same as Chinese people – we are all people in the end but if that really bothered me that much I would have packed my stuff and left but I am still here 🙂 suck it up!


todd wesselhoeft

Korea is the most racist country I’ve ever lived in, so stop your microaggression rant and go home for a week and see how horribly racist your team is.


todd wesselhoeft

You millenials piss me off, esp. you priviledged Chinese c:?#s who rant and rave about poor me. Why not, first: learn to write about something you know and 2. Live in China to see how racism effects all nonChinese everyday. You piss me off.

Riad 大白

How about the constanst Haalooos, wai guo ren, ta hen pang comments I get Every time I go outside in China. Yeah Its wrong to assume every Asian person is Chinese and say that to them but this’article’ has so much wrong with it Its Not even funny. Sounds like it.was taken from one of those angry Asian websites.


🐼Christian 筷子🇦🇺

哈哈哈哈哈哈we get that BS in China everyday, random Chinese people stare at you in the elevator and shout “haro 美国人” such creepers, and im not a flipping yank!



I am all for liberalism but not wanton yapping and whining like the shambles the author laid out in this post.



No! This is snowflakism. Chinese is a force in Asia, it is like saying Salaam to every Arab looking person. It will fly. If you say Hello to every black person, I am sure it would fly, and Nihao, every person living in Asia, knows and or must know what it means. What white people or those other colours can quit doing is thinking that other colours are lower or higher than them. Trump won because of stuff like This, there is so much movement to be PC just to avoid looking racist when real racism does not live in places where we are fighting it.


Ni Hao China man. I’m from New York. DO YOU KNOW IT ?


I get her point, she is not Chinese. She is of Korean descent and she was raised in the US. She is talking about the taunting she experiences in the UK, which is probably more about racial intolerance. I don’t understand why this article is here for a group living and working in China where we probably know exactly what she is talking about. In America I didn’t say anything at all until I hear Asian people speak. That is the only way to know where they are from besides asking directly.


Riad 大白

Sorry if you see people speaking Chinese anywhere what’s wrong with saying Nihao or anything else in Chinese to them. Seriously back home I’ve occasionally met Chinese tourists who are grateful I can help them. I’m always looking for people to practice Chinese with just like the many seemingly random people in China who want to practice their English with me.


so when a Chinese person says “Hello” to me i should tell them to fuck off?

Jeff 张志强

Sounds a bit like the constant “Haloooo!” all white people hear in China every day, regardless of whether they are Russian, German or French.  Cry me a river will ya?

胡默尔 Stefan Humml

Funny to read this…wondering if the author every tried to imagine how it is to walk on the road as a white person in China, specially in mainland cities…give it a thought. Friend of mine studied in Korea…also not the best experience. Just saying.

Dan from Real Shanghai Bar

So much wrong with this article. Chinese say hello to me everyday but Idont get all offended by it.

Dan from Real Shanghai Bar

Ok so saying nihao to someone is now considered condescending and racist. Please do the world a favor and get a hobby other than writing because you aren’t good at it at all.


so though i can’t speak russian, but people in northern china speak russian to me that is ok?


I hate racism and I hate racism even more. You don’t like how people talk, educate them in a proper way. Stop insulting an entire race.


What about Chinese always saying “hei ren”? Does that give a reputable feedback as what you receive in Europe and America???   


I don’t want to even say anything. Some Chinese are just hypocrites. They call all whites “Americans” all blacks “Africans”. Let them do their homework well before attacking others 


Jeff Johnson

I can’t count how many times people in China have shouted “Ha-Luo” at me, or pointed at me, or made rude comments. It’s not justified anywhere.



No idea how many people have said bonjour to me in China, or assumed I’m from a country I’m not. Get over it, the world keeps going on.


where im from, everyone says hello….even good morning.

This cunt needs to shut the fuck up! Ni hao is least of her nong min attention span! How about this for anxiety. Ma pi, laowai, ha loooooooooo! Mama kan! Laowai laowai!


安博 Rainer

So in other words, every time an Asian says “hello” to me I should be offended? Let me clarify: 1. I’m living in Asia. 2. My mother language is not English.



Go home if you don’t like it. That’s an ok thing to say, right?


Moe K.

Well, isn’t that the case for 99.9% of lǎowài’s in China?  being harassed, verbally abused and receiving all kinds of racist comments. I guess Chinese are tasting their own poison now 

Semisi Jr Fetokai (魏凯)

then pls china stop assuming every white person is from America or England


Snow余E&A & TGO

I had no idea saying hi in chinese was “racist”. I rarely ever say 你好 anymore, but those who have not been here for a long time, don’t know better. They think they are being friendly. Don’t be a dick about it



Can people also stop yelling 哈喽 at me in China?

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