how to escape your school during a raid…

if Police RAID your School..

+ 7 tips for outrunning the cops..

if Police RAID your School..

1. Don’t get out out of your car

many ‘fugitives’ have been shown to get desperate when their car crashes, so they get out of the car and start running scared. When this happens, you know that they’re done for. 

if Police RAID your School..

2. Don’t park it

There might be situations where you might need to slow down in order to maneuver or dodge obstacles. But whatever you do, don’t make a full stop. The police will obviously catch up, and box you in against the obstacle you were trying to avoid. By extension, don’t shift to reverse unless you absolutely need to. You will need to make a full stop for starters, and obviously driving in reverse is harder. Plus, you will need to stop yet again to shift back to normal, and by that time there will be police cruisers all around you. 

if Police RAID your School..

3. Stay on course

First, plan your route. Notice danger points, and alternate routes you can take. That way you won’t be running in circles until you run out of gas.

Second, whatever you do, don’t go off-road! Even if you have a vehicle suited for off-road, it’s risky. You may end up sunken in hidden curbs, or simply stuck in mud.

if Police RAID your School..

4. Slow down at intersections

This one sounds pretty contradictory, to say the least. Why would I want to slow down if I’m being chased, for crying out loud! Actually, it’s very recommendable to slow down and look out when you’re crossing intersections, whether they have stoplights or not.

if Police RAID your School..

5. Take cover (from helicopters)

This tip is critical if you want to lose the cops completely. The helicopters will be aiming their cameras at you all the time.

Try going under a roof, a parking building for example, and get out through the least obvious path. The idea is to take cover, then take unusual roads so the helicopter cams won’t know where to look when they expect you back in the clear. If you’re at an area full of trees, you might get a chance to lose them, too.

if Police RAID your School..

6. Beware the PIT Maneuver

The Pursuit Intervention Technique consists of a police cruiser approaching the fleeing car from one side, until the cruiser’s front wheels are roughly aligned with your back wheels. Then, the police car steers sharply, hitting the trunk; making us spin out straight into a ditch or a wall.

So, if you see one of the pursuing police cars approaching you to one side, fully accelerate your car (if you’re not already) in order to dodge the hit.

if Police RAID your School..

7. Get to an airport (or train station)

This is the ultimate getaway tactic, depending on the circumstances. You don’t even need to buy a ticket!

What you need to do is get to the airport quickly. Once near, the helicopters won’t be able to chase you anymore because it’s restricted airspace for them! Then, you need to go into the airport parking area. 

If they don’t know your phone #, call a didi. If they do, get a taxi! Take the subway. A bus. Get out of there! Head to Hong Kong or just lay low, whatever.

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if Police RAID your School..

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