ChinaWire's Obsession With "DUMB CHINESE"

If you follow English WeChat Media you‘ve probably noticed ChinaWire. 

ChinaWire typically ‘goes viral’ with stories about “Dumb Chinese.”

ChinaWire's Obsession With "DUMB CHINESE"

ChinaWire ran  27 “Dumb Chinese” stories  last month:

1) Knife attack in Beijing Leaves 1 Woman Dead and 12 Injured

2) Woman Climbs Into X-Ray with Her Bag

3) Chinese Spies ‘A Whole-of-Society’ Threat to US

4) The Worst Thieves in Chinese History

ChinaWire's Obsession With "DUMB CHINESE"

5) Racist Blackface Skit Sparks Outrage

6) Huge Fire Breaks Out at Historic Tibetan Temple

7) Trump’s ‘Nuclear Football’ Cause Scuffle with Chinese 

8) Starving Lion Chews Off Its Own Frozen Tail in Chinese 

9) Chinese Hospital Won’t Release Canadian Woman’s Body

10) Tourists Climb Over Ancient Horse Statues

11) China Proposes Changing Contitution to let Xi Stay Longer

12) Chinese Apple Users Will Have Their iCloud Data Stored in China

13) Boy Trapped in Elevator After Peeing on the Controls

14) Passenger’s Luggage Bursts into Flames on China Southern Flight

15) Man Having Heart Attack Throws Money at People to be Noticed

16) Woman Sends Husband to Morgue After Thinking He Died Sleeping

17) “Chinese Condoms are Too Small”

ChinaWire's Obsession With "DUMB CHINESE"

18) Man Killed by Tiger After Climbing Into Zoo to Skip Entrance Fee

19) Crazy Rush Hour Fight on Beijing Subway

20) Man Fined For Abandoning Wife’s Fertilized Eggs

21) Roof Collapses at Nanchang Airport

22) China’s Big Appetite for Jaguar Fangs Puts Big Cats in Danger

23) Blogger Starts Stampede After Offering Sex for Free

24) Airbnb Cancels All Bookings in Beijing

25) Chinese Women Should Settle for “Ok Husbands”

26) “Ice Boy” Told to Leave New School After One Week

27) Doctors Remove 100 Fish Bones From Mans Butt

ChinaWire's Obsession With "DUMB CHINESE"

ChinaWire goes NEGATIVE about China almost everyday. Ok, we get it. They’re catchy and funny, and they play right into what many Expats like to read: Chinese doing dumb things. What readers of ChinaWire maybe dunno is..

ChinaWire is run by Chinese. So next time you’re giggling at dumb Chinese, remember you got baited into laughing at Chinese people by the Chinese owner of ChinaWire.

ChinaWire's Obsession With "DUMB CHINESE"

Who is the real dummy here?

ChinaWire's Obsession With "DUMB CHINESE"



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ChinaWire's Obsession With "DUMB CHINESE"


p.s. we still love ya ChinaWire


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