tian_yang 1 point  

More proof of the systematic discrimination against caucasian chinese. 

# demands friendly toilets!! ~

interbang 21 points  

Over half of the “disabled” toilets in the classroom building of my uni are like this.

chinamainlander[S] 19 points  

I’ll still take this over the “western” toilet stalls that become the smokers lounge with ash and burn marks all over the seat

TeeribleMureal 18 points  

Fuck that, these western style toilets are not installed for the convenience of prudy foreigners but are actually there to accommodate old people who can no longer squat properly, the assholes cleaning should show a bit of respect.

Life drains from Little Africa as China dream fades

xiefeilaga 7 points  

I definitely want a throne when I’m at home, but if I have to take a dump in a public bathroom, I always go for the squatter. I’m not touching that with my ass.

Ke_Da_Ya 8 points  

Lol this reminds me of one time I was using the only toilet at my office which is also turned into the janitor’s closet, the janitor found that her closet was occupied, so she knocked on the door saying “let me get the mop”. I was so pissed and was like “will you let me finish at least?”.

drewonfire 1 point  

I see this all the time! Frustrating…

[this is not a serious post, save your hate mail!]

What if China’s SHIT HITS THE FAN?!


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