My wife went to China’s American Consulate to apply for Visas for herself and my daughter. (I’m Canadian.) She traveled to Shanghai, woke up early in the morning, took the huge stack of documents we’d prepared and went to the Embassy interview.  Embassy staff took one look at my daughters Visa photo and her Chinese passport photo then told my wife they weren’t getting visas because they didn’t believe our kids hair color could be blonde now! 

They looked at the photo and waved a co-worker over to double-check. The co-worker immediately frowned and shook their head NO, it couldn’t be the same kid. They also took the photo to a back room and still couldn’t find anyone who understands that kids hair color changes from 4 months to 20 months!! They didn’t even bother to look at our other documents!

So not only did we get denied Visas, my wife got humiliated as well!

My daughter’s hair @ 4 months old:

and @ 20 months old:

The whole thing reminds me of Japanese high schools demanding proof expat kids hair color is ‘natural’. Except in Japan you have some way to prove your innocence. Here we just get rejected immediately, my wife is humiliated and implied to be a liar, and we have to re-think our travel plans! 

CHINA: Let Foreign Spouses Work!

Dear American Embassy – mixed race kids hair color doesn’t stay static from birth. Even non-mixed kids hair color can change over the course of 16 months! Makes me wonder if this is part of the ‘Trump effect’ or just typical Embassy behavior. I guess we’ll join the 10.6 million people who canceled their trip to America. 

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?TOKYO: Expat Kids VS the HAIR POLICE!


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