We’ve been trying to create a WeChat shop to support Expat Rights. We created our shop, uploaded our logo, stocked some merch. 

When we went to link our bank card so we could accept payment, there was an option for a passport number instead of just Chinese ID card. 

YES! Finally, a Chinese website that realizes foreigners exist!

NO, they don’t. We uploaded our 3 verification photos (passport, us holding the passport, and bank card) and got rejected within an hour! 

We thought, perhaps there was a problem with our photos? We tried to verify again — DENIED. And we got locked out of the verification for 24 hours.

So we waited 24 hours… checked very carefully that everything was correct.. submitted again. DENIED. Finally we realized we were being denied because we were a foreigner. SIGH.

Luckily we have a Chinese wife, so we asked her to apply for us. The application was approved in under 10 minutes. Goddamnit.

Expat Rights WeChat Shop

China thinks all foreigners are spies, so why not dress like one and support Expat Rights too?

Your consulate doesn’t give a shit about you. We do. 

Message us on this official account if you have a problem.

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