My daughter, Eleanor, isn’t even 2 years old yet. But she’s already experienced being bullied for her race! (half Chinese, half White Canadian). 

We were playing downstairs in our community complex, as usual, with a bunch of other kids and grandmas. My daughter spotted a toy she wanted to play with and started walking over to it. Then, it happened. A nearby boy (that we know!) said “DON’T LET THE FOREIGN KID PLAY WITH THE TOY!”. 

Luckily she’s too young to understand, but, I imagine this isn’t her last time either. It pains me. I’m a regular reader of /r/Hapas where they talk about all the problems being mixed race in America, but they never about growing up mixed in China!! A super homogenous society!

That’s another reason we’re pushing “ rights”. So mixed race kids can grow up in and be treated like any other kid. So China’s demonization of foreigners doesn’t spill over onto my family. 

P.S. MY DAUGHER IS NOT A FOREIGN BABY! PLEASE DON’T CALL HER “WAIGUO XIAO HAI !!” She was born to a mother in Guangzhou, has a Chinese passport and has lived her whole life here in China!


Your consulate doesn’t give a shit about you. We do. 

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