Is China making it easier or harder for expats?

Is China making it easier or harder for expats?

Is China making it easier or harder for expats?


In the past year, I have seen a lot of articles about more foreign friendly visa regulations and housing purchase policies being implemented (mainly in Shanghai and Shenzhen). However, Beijing seems to be becoming less and less foreign friendly due to increased media focus on “bad foreign behavior”. 


So, it seems like in most top-tier cities, living in China is opening more options. 


I found that in smaller cities, it is still incredibly difficult and little to no change has been done at all. The only beneficial factor towards foreigners in smaller cities is the novelty factor or special treatment they give to foreigners in clubs, restaurants and otherwise. 


Overall, I would say China isn’t REALLY making it easier for foreigners to live in China. It is kind of pretending it is to appease the U.N. and international community by making new regulations by adding additional requirements. But if you have lived in China for a few years, it is easy to tell that these new regulations only apply to certain foreigners that probably don’t even want to live in China for the long-term anyway. 


Luckily, Chinese companies are starting to realize the gains of opening up to foreigners and are making it easier for foreigners to make purchases through WeChat or Alibaba. If only the Chinese government would stop being so xenophobic and jump on board.


So, what do you think? Anything getting easier? OR mostly just the same?  

Is China making it easier or harder for expats?

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Is China making it easier or harder for expats?


I’ve long maintained that China sees us as batteries…use our power then discard us when we’re burned out.

They did it to De Haviland…promised a deal that would save the dying aircraft company, wined and dined, promised ‘far-reaching and long-term’ mutual benefits.

As soon as they got all of the technical and mechanical know-how from their experts, dropped them like a day-old xiaojie and declared that they’d never made any such promises.

Now the Chinese are producing their very own aircraft that crash within three test flights.

In answer to your question – easier if they want something from you, impossible if you stand to make a decent buck in exchange (long-term). You mentioned about offering permanent residence to those that don’t want it and that’s true…but those who refuse will still be seen as ungrateful. And the Chinese gov’t will never look at treating foreigners who want to migrate here as equals, only “parasites” and any attempt by our own (spineless) gov’ts to act in kind will result in “hurt feelings”, cries of racism and discrimination and a tit-for-tat reciprocal behavior from Beijing.


What a shame that the 2008 Olympic slogan “One World, One Dream” really only meant “One China, One Chinese World.”

Is China making it easier or harder for expats?

Is China making it easier or harder for expats?


For things thats really matters, its the same as it was 15 yrs ago, just people i feel are less friendly. Being said that is easier if you think and behave as a foreign guest, is impossible if you really want to live here like many immigrants, chinese too, do in europe.

Is China making it easier or harder for expats?


There is a reason why I keep praising Foshan, it is a very foreigner-friendly city, even when compared to SZ and SH, it was the first city in China to hire Foreigners at government positions and the only one for more than 5 years, doing all the administrative stuff is super easy and the local people have clearly been educated to behave appropriately in the presence of Foreigners, let alone all the signs, information being translated to English, stuff like that. I know local government people and they really want to make this place the most Foreigner friendly in China. I won’t leave this place for anywhere else but home.

Is China making it easier or harder for expats?


I think it’s about the same.  Outside of the big 3/4, I don’t think China will ever be “user friendly” for foreigners.  Hell, it’s not user friendly for locals.  That’s ok.  That’s what makes China great for a short-term romp, but extremely frustrating in the long-term.  It’s too much frustration for me-heading home after Spring Festival after 5 years here.  I hate having to rely on my wife to do mundane tasks;it’s not fair to her, and it makes me feel helpless.  Life shouldn’t be made so difficult. 


China is thinking about China which is just the same as every other country.
They don’t want to be multicultural other than what they already have.
China went through invasion and not just by the Japanese.
they lost control of their country for years and didn’t get it back till1945.
Do you really blame them for not wanting to open up other than on their terms ?


  • Visas are getting harder.

  • Raids are more frequent.

  • ‘Reforms’ always make life more difficult for us!!

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