My wife, who is not a PoNY (Person of Non-Yellowness) as I am, took me to meet with her cousin once. This cousin happened to also be married to a PoNY. Friends let me tell you something before I get into this story further. Like other PoNY’s in China, I find the dreaded LW (LaoWai) to be deeply insulting. What I cannot stand is Uncle Tom’s who appropriate this word and claim that it is “harmless”.

Back to my story, my cousins PoNY husband, happened to be such an Uncle Tom. The cousin kept saying the LW word over and over again… LW this and LW, being married to an LW blah blah blah, other LW’s always blah. My wife, someone who has tried her best to subscribe to our ideology, knew that this was hurting me, and she did her best to politely ask the cousin to being a racist by dropping LW bombs every few seconds.

Did the cousin respond and apologize? No friends, for she was cut off by Uncle Tom.

“Racism was invented by the West”.

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