Expat DENIED Card for his OWN Apartment

Expat DENIED Card for his OWN Apartment

Expat DENIED Card for his OWN Apartment


Have you ever heard of anything similar in your countries? Some 2 months ago I moved out to a new flat. The problem is in order to enter the compound you need to open the gate with a security card, there are some guards there, but they always seem to have something better to do than helping people, or would spend 20 minutes questioning me, even though they have been seeing me here for quite some time now.


Today, I went to the administration and asked them to issue me a security card, so I can open the gate by myself- same as all the people living here,  the answer was: YOU ARE A WAIGUOREN, WAIGUOREN ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE THIS CARD. To clarify, it’s a normal, standard compound, no military base or hospital. I seriously regret coming to this f…. country. 

Expat DENIED Card for his OWN Apartment


Easy, paying the management fees, why should you if they won’t do their job and issue you a card?


You can keep paying the bills and the rent, but don’t give a mao to the management company who hires those useless administrators and security guards. Their salaries come directly from a fund financed by the residents through said fee.


will never take you seriously until you take action, there once was a broken gas pipe outside my old home along the outside walls (not within my flat) and I could smell the gas when in some rooms. Complained to the management company several times and they wouldn’t do anything. So I just stopped paying their management fees and got a call on the next day of due asking why I didn’t pay, I told them I won’t give them a jiao until they fix the pipe, the repair guys were there in the next day.


Money, it’s all about money.

Expat DENIED Card for his OWN Apartment

Expat DENIED Card for his OWN Apartment


Yeah that’s typical stupidity.


I was told once that I couldn’t go into a compound to visit my friend.. I was there maybe two or three times a week going to her house at that point and the guards never had a problem, we said hello and chatted  sometimes, I was just another face going into a busy public community… until one day for whatever reason I was told that I couldn’t go in… because blah blah laowai… no why.


It’s just small men with big inferiority complexes showing off and trying to feel manly for the first time in their lives. Resist the urge to get pissed off and just be amused by them instead. It makes a good story to tell when you’re drinking beer somewhere outside of in two years and people ask you ‘how was China?’


Filming your encounters with them for youtube is also good therapy.

Expat DENIED Card for his OWN Apartment

Your consulate doesn’t give a shit about you. We do. 

Message us on this if you have a problem.

Expat DENIED Card for his OWN Apartment

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Expat DENIED Card for his OWN Apartment

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