Every time I turn on TV the only white men I see are either sex objects or learning Chinese in China. fetishizing my whiteness and hypersexualizing my image!

How does everyone feel about a support group for Caucasians around China?


This is so true.

We are pigeonholed into a few main groups:

  • White monkeys doing language tricks

  • Bad/stupid big-nosed American soldiers in WW2 movies

  • Bad laowais misbehaving on the news in China. Where are the positive news stories about the hardworking educators, Wwoofers and NGO workers making positive contributions to China?

  • Sex objects. This fetishization takes place on shows such as Feichengwurao, and even the SCMP smears CC (Caucasian Chinese) men as trophy husbands. Meanwhile unfair negative stereotypes about our reproductive organs are constantly brought up in the media.

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