I’m a long time subscriber of his, since late 2011. The breadth and accuracy of his content is unbelievable and I wouldn’t hesitate to say that he is the best expat vlogger on YouTube.

His big mistakes were:

(i) Opening himself and his personal life up too much for YouTube, there is no way he should have been putting beer girl and his current wife in videos as much as he did and still does. There were commenters predicting his divorce 6 months before it happened, not trolls either, people genuinely concerned for them saying your wife looks unhappy….

(ii) “Are Chinese girls easy” was an incredibly stupid title for a video. For a guy who seemed so plugged in to the dangers of discussing politics in China, from the very start of his vlogging, that was a naive error that will follow him for the rest of his life in the country. If he had made the exact same video with a different title it would have been forgotten long ago.

(iii) Risking and losing his real life job for the “Conquering Southern China” movie. It was terrible timing given the decreased monetization of YouTube and it pushed him to make worse content for more views and more Patreons. It’s amplified his corny side to the max; more suits with sunglasses, 80’s music, awkward photo stills, faux optimism “stay awesome” and uncomfortable footage of his wife.

Overall I owe the guy a major debt for his information before I came to China, his realistic view of Shenzhen was a sharp contrast to the 3rd world gangland that was described to me by many Asians before I went over and really put me at ease. I’m genuinely sad to see him get into difficulty like this.



It’s becoming dangerous to be a foreigner here in China

Foreigners are being targeted

It’s similar to what happened in South Africa

It’s not tinfoil hat; it’s actually happening

SerpentZA sounds really uneasy – his voice seems nervous


I feel pretty bad for this guy. Most of the west has something of a negative view of China, and Winston does a good job of showing it in a very fair way, both the good and the bad, whilst making it clear that he loves living here. He’s been in China for 10 years, has a Chinese wife, and sees it as his home, and yet his future is uncertain. His income is now entirely dependent on his China vlog, and unlike C-Milk, he doesn’t really have the option to just ‘go home’ seeing as he seems quite down on South Africa. Not too sure what I would do in his position.


I think he has 2 options:

-1 Take a short hiatus for 1 or 2 months from video making so the Internet trolls get bored and find someone else to harrass.

-2 Start working on getting green cards for the USA/Canada/etc for both him and his wife. If they need to save money to do so, they got time, and he has a shit ton of equipment and gadgets he can sell if he needs to fatten his bank account a bit.

He should probably do both, the stress of knowing whether he leaves China and can come back would bother the hell out of me, so I’d be working on planning the future with the wife, he can’t keep on living this way unless he gets a Chinese permanent green card.


Move to Taiwan.

me-i-am [+1] 19 points 3 days ago 

Duh. Anyone who has been here for a long time already knows the best thing to do in China is to keep a low profile. I could have told you something like that would happen.


being fair to China, loving the country, and honestly reporting on it now makes one a garbage foreigner

the only foreigners they truly accept are the monkeys who dance for them without question


Does anyone have any experience with this somewhat recent rise in hostility towards foreigners in general? Or are these guys seeing a lot of it because of their jobs? I ask because I’m heading to China next weekend to just be on vacation and travel for a couple of months, but videos like these make me a little anxious about the whole thing. I mean I know enough about China to not expect them to love me, but am wondering if it’s going to cause issues.


I like him and his videos. But the guy is now a journalist. Has he got a journalism visa? Almost certainly not. So if he’s not meeting his visa restrictions, only one thing is going to happen in the long run.

GlobalNews: is this our future too?!!】


He is absolutely going to get deported, it’s not a case of if but when. If enough people make a sound in China they can issue any reason to get rid of him and I bet he has some legitimate reasons too. He’s in too deep now.

【GlobalNews: Yep, that’s why EVERYTHING is illegal. 】


read more:


? all news

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