MOST Teachers in China are ILLEGAL

We’re tired of getting smart remarks from the minority of teachers who manage to do it legally.

The simple fact of the matter is MOST TEACHERS in CHINA ARE ILLEGAL!!!

There’s just not enough ‘legal’ teachers able to meet demand!!! Not even close. Even Mr.GlobalNews gets a job offer every month or so, and nobody cares that it’s an illegal offer.

And even if you are “LEGAL”… you’re probably doing ILLEGAL work too!

Have you ever:

If the foreigner is to be employed outside the area designated by the Certificate Office or switch employer within original designated area while taking up jobs of a different nature, he must go through formalities for a new Employment License.”

Legal teachers – please stop thinking of ‘illegal teachers’ as your enemy, cheating the system to push your salaries down. You’ll still command your high salary no matter how many illegal teachers flood the market!

We should be working together, on behalf of all expats, instead of gleefully cackling whenever another “illegal teacher” gets deported! That could be you next… unless you think China can’t find some law you’ve broken? Do you have a VPN?~ Have you ever said bad things about China?

We are here to fight for ALL EXPATS!!

Your consulate doesn’t give a shit about you. We do.

Message us on this official account if you have a problem.

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