What rights do you should grant foreigners?

Personally we have a few requests:

1) a national ID card

2) being able to stay in any hotel

3) being able to work on a spousal visa

4) a path to legal immigration

What rights do you should grant foreigners?

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(this guy ! doesn’t like making waves!)


1) a national ID cardPointless

2) being able to stay in any hotelDo you like 1 star or hourly hotels? Not judging.

3) being able to work on a spousal visaNice. Encourage all sorts of trash to marry girls with no option so thwy can work in china. The current system attracts more than enough trash.

4) a path to legal immigrationChina has enough people. Why would you want to anyway? Why would China want this. It’s a no-win.


1)The ID card is useful to buy tickets and register online etc. But I believe this is actually coming with the new “ID” aka working permit.

2)Not all bad hotels that don’t accept foreigners are bad. I slept in 3 star hotels that are better than 5 star. Often the 5 stars are very expensive and I would just enjoy to have a bed at night


iwolf: Exactly, too many people in this world see things from only their own perspective or everything is supposed nice and rosy. Watch too many Disney movies I suppose


@ Dom87. AFAIK the new work permit card at the moment won’t function as an ID card. They haven’t made it thta useful yet….


The Beijinger twigged again. Quote:Don’t get us wrong – we’re actually big fans of TheBeijinger and the work that they do. That’s why we were very surprised to see that they had decided to CENSOR Expat Rights discussions. First we posted two threads on TheBeijinger discussing our recent articles: 1) CHINA: Let Foreign Spouses Work! 2) We Teach “Illegally” For You, China The topics were removed within 30 minutes. We created another topic asking about the censorship. We asked “Why is TheBeijinger censoring Expat Rights topics?” Our account “ExpatRights” was unceremoniously deleted by TheBeijinger. For Shame. This is the same treatment we got when we tried to raise Expat Rights topics on the China Daily forum. It’s quite interesting how expat media has become so afraid of rocking the boat that they censor equally heavily as the China Daily!!! And it just goes to show how much we need Expat Rights.. so we can stop living in fear! So we can discuss the problems Expats face without being censored by fellow Expats!


hahahaha now now iWolf, you are getting close to bash and/or trash territory yourself there.

If the beijinger is censoring fugitive con artists that’s a hop skip and a jump away from censoring good honest people. If we won’t stand up for the con men who will be left to stand up for us?


I Canadians should start demanding rights in Canada. Immigrants to this country get more money than disabled Canadians and Canadians on welfare. I agree, China should protect its people. Canada might learn from the Chinese in this respect. My big beef is that the Chinese government places too much emphasis on a degree and age to qualify for work. Experience and people skills trump a degree anytime, in any field.


Amendment 1 : The Right to Make-Out with a Hottyupon any foreseen or unforeseenTime, Manner, Place, Duration of My Choosing.


I’ve been turned away from hotels before. Thinking about it, i only really have two complaints. Sending money home and sometimes not being allowed to stay in a hotel.

It’s one of those things that I need to be changed. If you’re allowed to live, work, pay tax and get married in China then you should be able to stay in whatever hotel you want. And the hotel thing isn’t that big a deal, it just seems wrong to me.

Everything else, it is what it is. It’s China, you accept it or leave. I don’t care about an I.D card, would never want to immigrate, don’t care about working on a spousal visa, the internet sucks for everyone…

That being said, it’s their country and they can run it as they see fit. If I don’t agree the govt don’t care, they would just say go home then, laowai.


The only rights that China should bestow the foreigners is protection under the law. If I rape and murder another foreigner, China will put a bullet in my head. Except for the idiot car drivers, I have always felt safe here, and the very few times I needed the cops, they have always been good, kind and professional to me. Other than that, China doesn’t owe me shit, nor does it have to.

China like every nation has rules and we must follow them, and frankly their rules and laws concerning us is not unfair. I may not like it, but there it is. I would like to freelance and make money doing other things besides fucking English teaching and free myself from the yoke of Z visas and Residence Permits and not fear problems. But China remember has about 700 to 800,000,000 working age adults, about 10 percent of the Earth’s population. So every job we take is one they won’t get.

I have never felt my rights were being trampled here at all. As a matter of fact, there is a lot less police bullshit here than in my country.


“So every job we take is one they won’t get.”

Not exactly…. a lot of the jobs ‘we’ take, those 800,000,000 people would never be able to do. Even in the ESL field, it’s still pretty rare to find a really good Chinese teacher who would have a hope in hell of equaling a native (and, often, non-native) speaker… even one without qualifications.


How about – fair treatment in regards to the law?

Granted, I this is something most Chinese would like as well….

The right to have police and lawyers and the justice system actually pull their finger out and follow the law themselves, and to punish those who blatantly break the law. (eg, unscrupulous schools, or shops that refuse to refund monies when selling well-expired milk!)


I would say…

Just allow foreigners on a marriage visa to work and build businesses.

And if they want to attract foreign talent, then they should change their systems to allow for that, with procedures and laws to foreigners adjust… I was once told my name was too long at a bank account (took like 4 hours). My first name is 6 characters and my last name is 4 characters. Stuff like this is incredibly irritating.

Other than that, the rest of my complaints would have to do in general and not directly towards foreigners.

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